Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Midwinters Wrap-up, Photos

Some of you regulars may have noticed that the daily blog posts were a little light on content. My laptop has the extremely annoying, random curser thing, that makes me want to bounce it off the wall. If you are not familiar with this the curser randomly repositions itself as you type so the letters may be right where you want them or in the middle of a sentence three lines up, or anywhere else on the screen. This is not a productivity booster! I'm home now on the desktop so we are back in business.

Back to the regatta... We had a really good time aside from me obtaining the new nickname of "keg boy". Seems that a word like technician (or similar)could have been worked into it somehow w/o too much difficulty. But no!

We rented a house for the week that seemed to be the perfect fit, lots of bedrooms and bathrooms and seemingly good for about 10 people. So about two weeks ago I did a "drive by" since I was in Sarasota for a midwinter planning meeting. Uh oh...

A quick double check of the address to be sure I had the right place, not really looking to impressive from the road, now is it? Could there really be 5 bedrooms in there? I decide to snap a photo and email it to Harry since he had made the arrangements. Email reply from Harry; "Hope it's bigger than it looks". As it turns out the house was perfect, the rooms were big and there were lots of them, we actually could have had more people in on the deal but who knew?

So we did not get to race on Thursday and Friday since the breeze was "on". That kinda sucked but what can you do? Sailing sucks sometimes as you can plainly see;

On the bright side Lainie Pardey took a bunch of photos on Wednesday, so I am including a few here;

Lainie was also pin boat as well as photographer extraordinaire!! To see more of her pictures go to, they are on the homepage.

It seemed the 63 boat gang liked the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and Sarasota Bay aside from a little more breeze then would have been ideal. The 2012 Midwinters will be held at the Southern YC in New Orleans before returning to Sarasota again in 2013.

Keg boy out.


Anonymous said...

you've been called alot worse then "keg boy". quit your whining, and pull me another cold one...please!

Dave said...

Yeah, even Kim has called me worse than that, usually because of too much beer.